Privacy policy

Privacy policy of the resource

The represented here information determines the view of the company in relation to the details of the client’s private data treatment. This chapter shows the peculiarities connected with the private policy of the resource. It is advisable for the client to become aware of the fact if the entrusted to the provider private details are secure.
What does the procedure of the private data collection look like?
The information treated as private comprises the person’s name, the address, the email address, the user name, and the phone. It serves for the identification purposes. To enable this procedure such details are gathered at the stage of registration. Apart from the indicated above details, we collect the information about postal codes, area codes, and countries. The data reflecting the specifications and the settings of your PC which represent interest for the custom support team members (including the name of domains, the IP address, the type of the browser and the time of access).
Some private details demand exceptional security. For instance, the financial data represented by the client in the order form which is obligatory for the continuation of the order processing. We have assured complete safety of this information having engaged the strengthened protection of the servers preserving these details. The company is not liable for the actions of the customer residing in sharing the financial and personal details with the wide audience. For example, if he chooses for it the private messaging represented by the resource. Acting so the customer endangers its private data and bears responsibility for such actions himself.
The website is opened for cooperation with individuals above 13 and in case if the erroneous details connected with age of the user have been indicated (provided the parental consent is not included) the company is authorised to take away the account and any information connected with it.
What methods of gathering private details are used by the resource?
To enable the proper functioning of our site we need to collect the personal data to identify the client. This is necessary to deliver the information about the discounts and personal offers represented by the company from time to time to allow the user buy services on favourable terms. The private contacts list of the customer is not processed by the provider. The company is not engaged in selling such data to the third parties. Our resource can only allow using the personal information of the customers to the participants of the working process on the site enabling the completeness of the custom support. It includes messaging services, statistic analytics, and delivery of the documentation. These partners are only authorised to use the personal information of our users within the limits determined by this document.
The data disclosing race, political convictions, and religion are never transferred to the third parties but for the instances when the user authorises the provider to such conduct.
What kind of conditions does lead to the data disclosure?
If the disclosure of details identified as private is requested in regard to the conditions stated by the legislative act or it is obligatory for the adjustment of the activities of the company to the legislation system such information is rendered following the stated legislative procedure. In such way, the company takes measures to guard the client’s author’s right or the ownership of intellectual property of the resource. Rendering information is obligatory under such conditions.
What kind of connection is there between the policies offered by the company and those of the partners participating in the process of the order presentation?
To improve the conversancy of the client due to the useful information available on the internet the resource provides the links to varied websites supplying the audience with such data. Such approach eases the client’s access to the valuable information. The providers representing the source of important data have the peculiar policies which are disclosed on their sites. Using the links the client addresses another provider. Thus, he gives it the access to his private information. To be confident you are secure with this company you are advised to get acquainted with the privacy policy of each of them. Our site is not responsible for other resources’ policies.
What is the use of cookies?
Cookies are the files, which are downloaded to the hard disc of the personal computer of the client, simplifying the process of collection of details disclosing the internet usage. To turn off this function you have to introduce changes in the settings of a personal computer. In most instances, the settings are arranged to accept such files automatically because they are engaged in the interactive features. Having rejected them you may encounter problems with interactive options. Cookies do not download deleterious programs or viruses on personal computer but serve to retain and to reproduce the private data during the next visit of the customer.
The company is not responsible for the files of this kind downloaded from other sites visited by the client having activated the link to such resources. These sites are independent units. The activation leads to an automatic download of the cookies provided by these resources on your personal computer.
What kind of protection does the company provide for the private details?
The resource collects, processes the private details and stores them on the protected server. Representing personal details during the registration procedure on our site the customer automatically authorises the provider to use them and to gather the rest of the details needed for proper functioning of the site to use them within indicated borders. This is an obligatory step. The resource guards the private details against the loss and alterations storing them on the protected servers excluding unauthorised access.
The IP and the private password represent the next level of security. The data deleted by the customer and the account itself are preserved on the server. Such information is used for statistics or to improve the quality of the services and is never rendered to the third parties or sold.
Representing the commentary about the quality of the services the customer authorises the provider to put this information on the website. You can delete your review from the pages of the site. Address to the custom support representative to solve the issue.
The data transmission via the internet is held at the risk of the customer as the resource is not authorised to provide protection in this concern.
In what way do we represent changes in the policy?
The process of changes implementation is an obligatory condition of the company’s progress in relation to the quality of the services. The notifications about such changes may be sent to the users, but this is not obligatory. To make confident you are aware of the details of the protection of your information address to this page from time to time.
Our clients are always welcomed to express their recommendations and pieces of advice in regard to the privacy policy of the provider. Such reviews serve to enhance the quality of the services. Any commentary of yours is a valuable contribution to the development of better writing services provider.