Terms and conditions


The actual chapter represents the information related to the nuances of cooperation of our company serving a platform for the authors offering assistance in written tasks and the clients searching for the help of this kind. The conditions listed below are brought to protect the rights of the writers and the customers. These terms regulate the relations of both parties assuring the decent quality of the product and the worthy payment for the performer of the work which in sum represents the high-standard services. The client manifests his consent with the listed here terms by the registration on the represented website. It takes place to be assumed.
Spectrum of services
Our company is a foundation representing the opportunity for the studying audience to address to the professionals in the needed areas of activity to assist in written task completion and giving the chance for the writers for hire to represent themselves on the pages of our website. The degree of complexity of the task can vary. The authors accomplish the assignments starting from the basic level of complexity to the highest one (from essays to dissertations). The company takes upon itself the delivery of the order to the client and the transfer of the payment to the author.
The writing staff of our resource is represented by the freelancers. The first step to the position of the writer of our resource resides in passing the test. The examination comprises three levels of verification: the knowledgeability in the area of activity, the command of language, and the natural inclining to writing. The education certificates and the samples of the written tasks can be asked to be represented in addition to the testing.
The resource determines the procedure of order formation. When the writer receives the details bewriting the task, the demands of the customer, and the information indicating the data of delivery he takes responsibility for the correspondence of the work to the expressed demands of the customer and the timely delivery. The author only receives the payment after the order has been sent to the client. This is the moment when the transformation of the author’s rights on the document from the writer to the client takes place.
Making order
Registration on the site presupposes only valid data indication. Thus, the client provides the company with needed details allowing it to send him the information in case of need. Order formation is free of charge. The fee is charged for the assistance of the author. The company takes upon itself the arrangements starting from the initial stage when the choice of the expert in the area and the transfer of the details of the task take place. After the discussed sum is transferred to the company it assigns the writer. The messaging system realised by the resource enables the communication of the customer and the writer throughout the process of task execution. The attempts to realise the direct collaboration with the assigned writer are prohibited. The customer can control the task completion due to the system of tracking available day and night.
The company is not in charge of the consequences caused by partner providers. They supply the internet connection, e-mail services, etc. The matters connected with the delivery issues can be addressed to the custom support representatives. The customer can take back the payment for the task if he notices that the paper does not correspond to the discussed requirements. Plagiarism is one more reason for refunds. The resource is not liable for the improper or illegal use of the ready assignments (suspension, expulsion, proceedings, etc.). The author of the assigned task is the only answerer if adjudication of disputes take place.
The supplementary revisions are provided if the client is not satisfied with the implementation of the discussed requirements in the paper. In this case he needs to inform the provider of such discontentedness in the limits of three days after the final version was sent to him. The customer should clearly explain the reason for the refunds. The notifications of this kind are examined by the Quality Department which consent is necessary for the reimbursement approval. If the department declines the request it represents the detailed explanation of the decision.
Introduction of amendments
The company can implement changes in the actual terms of business providing the notification of such novelties to the customers or not. The new variation comes into effect right after it is placed on the site.
Conditions of usage
The customer is obliged to render only valid private information, to update it, and to address to the company only for legitimate purposes. The provider has legal capacity to take away the account of this client and to prohibit him addressing the site in future if the violation of the current agreement on the part of the client took place.
Payment conditions
The fee for the order is paid before the author is assigned to the task. When the last variant of the task was sent the customer has three days to inform the company of the dissatisfaction with the quality of the work. Upon the three days term expiration the payment is transferred to the writer.
Connection with the local legislative system
The company does not state the services delivered by the site are acceptable for any location that is why people asking for assistance do so at their own discretion and are liable for such actions as stated in the acts of local legislation.
Account removal
The resource is authorised to remove the client’s account and to break the arrangement if the invalid or misleading data presentation took place, if the client was concealing the important details, if the user is connected with transaction frauds or is afflicting damage either to other customers or the company (like in case of cooperation with the providers distributing viruses or spamming and actions alike). The paid fee cannot prevent the account removal.
Main law
The actual terms of business are composed as consistent with the law of the location of the primary place of business or some other location determined by the company. The provider is authorised to determine the main law. The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods is excluded from the list of acts applied to this contract.
Dispute resolution
The provider states the place of the resolution of disputes connected with the current agreement. The mentioned issues will be considered in the location of the main address of business or some other location stated by the provider.
The customers are free to address to the custom support desk for clarification of the details of current document 24/7.